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Debt Consolidation
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When you are in debt and you can’t see any way out, there are a number of possibilities you can take to get debt help.
The most obvious form is to turn your attention to credit repair companies and choose among the various options like: debt settlement, bankruptcy advices, and debt consolidation.

However, these options might be just cures which heal the symptoms, but not the real problem.

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Find out how to reduce your debt today!
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Debt Consolidation
Debt consolidation loan is a type of a loan that you can take out from a lender, and pay off your pending debts. This means, that if you have multiple loans from different creditors, with different rates, debt consolidation gathers all these, and replaces them with a single loan, and a single interest rate.
The great benefit of a debt consolidation loan is that it saves you from paying the high monthly interest rates, provides you a single payment and a single deadline every month, thus it offers you a clear monthly schedule of your financial management.

When you decide to opt for a debit consolidation loan, make sure that the interest rate you will pay is lower than your previous monthly repayments to the multiple lenders.
The main disadvantage of this kind of debt help is that it is just a temporary debt relief: the debt is still there, and will stay there until you stop overspending. It is also worth mentioning, that in almost every company operates on lower interest rates but this doesn’t mean that the rate is actually lower, but because the loan term is extended. This means that you will stay in your debt longer, and you will get a lower payment, but the extended term means that you will pay the creditor more. Hence the way in which debt consolidation business works.
Debt Settlement
This type of debt help is also called debt negotiation. This means that you will have one single monthly payment to a debt management company, who will negotiate with your lenders and will work out lower payments and interest rates, and will finally distribute your money among them.

This method has many advantages and disadvantages, too. It can be of great help, since it saves you from bankruptcy, lawsuits and other legal actions. Debt settlement companies charge fees for their services, which sometimes exceed 20-30% of your debt balance. It is also important to notice that debt settlement highly affects your credit score, that is some or all of your accounts may be charged off. Thus lenders will not consider your debt collectible, as it bears the mark „settled charge off.” This of course means that you and your credit history will appear in a negative light for the time being.

Neither does bankruptcy have more benefits. It seems to be an easy way to get rid of a current situation and starting everything over again, but let’s not forget that bankruptcy operates on deeper emotional levels: it can affect your job, your family life, and your peace of mind; all in all it can alter your entire life. It will stay on your credit history like a badge of shame. Whenever you will try to apply for a loan and/or for a new job, you will be asked if you had ever been bankrupted.

Here are some tips on how to get out of debt without trying out the above mentioned methods:
Change your bad financial habits. Try not to overspend and try to live on less than you make.
Get emotional support from your family, friends, and even from online communities (forums)
Get an extra job and try to save all the money you can to pay off your debt
Use the online debt calculators, in this way you can easily find out exactly how much you you owe
Contact your creditors and collection agencies to see if you can negotiate with them. Usually you can get free debt help from them, if you talk to them about your current financial situation, and also try to negotiate.
Draw up a monthly plan with income and daily expenditure. Try to stick within your budget guidelines, thus you’ll be able to see what are the unnecessary expenses and you’ll be able to make savings.

Conclusively, you must never forget that the source of your financial problems may lie in your behavior. The solution is common sense and your personal determination to make a well elaborated financial plan and keep sticking to it. Once you have a safe and good working personal debt plan, it's only a matter of time until you get back on track.

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